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Adventure Bike 2x2, 3.1 kW, 2022 Model - WhiteZoom

Adventure Bike 2x2, 3.1 kW, 2022 Model - White

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Street legal design that's ready for adventure, on- and off-road. The UBCO 2x2 Adventure Bike is the perfect choice for urban commuters that like to avoid traffic jams and weekend adventurers who want to get away from it all. 2WD all-terrain handling features a high-torque Flux motor and two-stage regenerative braking system that's designed to maintain control and traction.

SuperX frame design protects the battery and provides exceptional manuverability with a low center of gravity, improving stability and balance

Lightweight 7027 Series alloy frame is lightweight, yet strong and stiff

Customizable suspension allows you to adjust to any terrain or riding style

All-wheel electric drive provides improved acceleration and traction, in dry and wet conditions

Continuum LED headlight with Hi/Lo beam and peripheral park lights

Fully electronic throttle control is responsive to your riding style.

Quick 4-8 hr. charge time.

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