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GTR Bamboo Street Board

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Inspired by the build quality, performance and superior comforts of a 70's muscle car, the Bamboo GTR Board includes 97mm wheels designed to cut and carve through the urban terrain with exceptional grip, speed and smoothness.

Power Flex technology and an 18650 li-ion battery provide an impressive range of up to 31 miles on a single charge

Dual 1500-Watts brushless sensored motors

Forged aluminum Super-Carve trucks

Bluetooth® remote provides instant power with ultra smooth acceleration and braking

Features multiple modes (ECO, PRO,GTR and Custom) designed to adapt to a range of riding styles from beginner to seasoned pro

Capable of reaching speeds up to 24mph; incline, rider weight and battery capacity will alter the results

Includes 4A super fast charger, Y skate tool, spare screws and an accessory carrying case.

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