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Navatlas Intercom System - Helmet HeadsetZoom

Navatlas Intercom System - Helmet Headset

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High Fidelity Stereo Sound for Smart Phone or other Music Source VOX (Voice Activation)

Separate Front Inputs for Music & SmartPhone

Audio Output

2 Front Headphone Inputs (Front of Unit)

2 Rear Headphone Inputs (Back of Unit)

RF Shield Housing

High level output for headphones for sound quality

Dimension: 1.6 H x 4.5 W x 4.3 D

NH100 Off-Road helmet headphones

Noise Cancelling Smart Mic

High Fidelity Bass Enhanced Speakers (Stereo)

Flexible Position Mic for VOX (Voice Activation)

Compatible with HCF4, HCR16 and HEC10 to extend (Cables sold Separately)

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