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PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Anti-Vibration Bulb 60/55WZoom

PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Anti-Vibration Bulb 60/55W

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PIAA bulbs are engineered with XTRA Technology for greater performance per watt than any other bulb on the road

Greatly enhance your ability to see and be seen

A metal bond holds the heat-resistant glass tube securely to prevent cracks and leaks

A welded focus ring and one-piece filament support assures proper positioning

The brilliant white/blue light allows comfortable night driving over extended periods of time

PIAA bulbs are both a performance upgrade and an aesthetic enhancement. You will see the difference even in the daytime PIAA is so confident in the durability and reliability of our products that we offer a no questions asked, replacement of any halogen bulb that fails within one year of purchase. PIAA bulbs are an investment in safety and peace of mind

The Super Plasma GT-X bulbs offer an unmatched combination of fashion and performance with a bluish-purple color very similar to H.I.D. and the closest yet to sunlight

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