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S&S Muffler Inserts for Powertune XTO Exhaust 1.375"Zoom

S&S Muffler Inserts for Powertune XTO Exhaust 1.375"

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The Muffler Inserts from S&S are designed to fine-tune the Power Tune XTO Exhausts, allowing you to customize and increase/decrease the performance and decibel levels.

Easy to install, simply remove the end cap and replace 304 stainless construction.

1.375"- 2dB quieter than standard

1.50"- standard insert

1.625"- 2dB louder than standard

1.75"- 4dB louder than standard

1.875"- 6dB louder than standard

2.00"- 8dB louder than standard

2.25"- 10db louder than standard.

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