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S&S Power Tune XTO Insert Tuner KitZoom

S&S Power Tune XTO Insert Tuner Kit

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The Power Tune XTO Insert Tuner Kit includes all of the muffler inserts available to tune and customize your Power Tune XTO Exhaust System for the ultimate power and sound. Includes two each of the 1.375", 1.50", 1.625", 1.75", 1.75" plugged, 1.75" plugged with front 3.5mm hole, 1.75" plugged with rear 3.5mm hole, 1.875", 2" and 2.25" inserts.

304 stainless steel

Easy to install, simply remove the end cap on muffler and change out.

1.375"- 2dB quieter than standard

1.50"- standard insert

1.625"- 2dB louder than standard

1.75"- 4dB louder than standard

1.875"- 6dB louder than standard

2.00"- 8dB louder than standard

2.25"- 10db louder than standard.

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