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XK Glow Chrome App Controlled 16 Million Color Light KitsZoom

XK Glow Chrome App Controlled 16 Million Color Light Kits

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New light pod design for improved water and dust resistance. Born from the combination of the most loved 7 color strips and pods, this kit is the best choice for riders who pursue the ultimate light coverage with no compromise. In addition to these compact yet ultra-bright lights that enhance your bike's appearance from all angles, this all-included kit is entirely plug-and-play, reducing installation time to a minimum. The strips and pods use the same number of LEDs and have the same brightness. The strips have a slightly broader light coverage for larger areas such as: under tank, saddlebags and ground effects. The pods light output is slightly more condensed, but the pods can be hidden in tight places such as: behind the air cleaner, on brake calipers, air intake ports and grills. The 3M tape ensures the lights can endure the most challenging of riding environments. The kit is expandable to max 50 pods/strips and are 100% compatible with XK Glow Carbon N-Series Smartphone Kits

Seven solid color display, transitions through two million color variants

4-key wireless control (on/off; color change; speed; strobe; breath effect)

All installation accessories included and simple plug-and-play wiring

Second generation controller with improved range

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